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Scaling and Root Planing in Quincy, MA

Scaling and root planing cleans your teeth of plaque and tartar buildup. This helps prevent and treat gum disease. Scaling is the removal of buildup from below the gum line and root planing removes buildup from the tooth root. The gum reattaches itself to the tooth after this procedure.

We’ll examine your mouth first to measure the gum pocket depth and periodontitis progression. Depending on the severity, we may suggest a local anesthetic.

scaling and root planing Quincy MA | Deep Teeth Cleaning Quincy MA

Why should I consider the procedure?

The benefits of scaling and root planing are:

  • Prevent and treat periodontal disease
  • Protect teeth
  • Cosmetically enhance your smile
  • Improve breath

How does plaque and tartar develop?

Plaque is a sticky film made of bacteria that adheres to your teeth near the gum line. Every time you brush your teeth, it gets removed. But difficult to reach areas can allow the plaque to turn into tartar which needs to be removed by us. Preventative dental care is important because it removes plaque constantly to avoid gum recession. Gum recession creates pockets that allow bacteria to colonize. Left untreated, tooth and bone loss can occur.

How should I take care of my teeth after treatment?

You may notice gum sensitivity after the procedure which fades in a couple of days. You may be prescribed a mouth rinse or medication to alleviate the mild discomfort. Be sure to properly brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Plaque and tartar buildup is a result of poor dental care. Some people are more prone to gum disease than others. Being proactive about dental health is very important. Also, see us regularly for dental exams and cleanings. We can detect early signs of buildup and attend to it as necessary. This will help alleviate you from extensive dental treatments and procedures in the future.

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