Gum Grafting

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Depending on your treatment needs and gum disease severity, our dentists may recommend gum grafting to repair signs of gum recession and help give you back your healthy smile.

Treatment For Gum Disease with Gum Grafting in Quincy, MA

When gum disease is present, bacteria and plaque attack the gum tissues, causing infections that lead to redness, inflammation, and bleeding. In more severe cases, it can cause gum recession, eroding teeth tissue and exposing the roots underneath.

Receding gums cannot grow back, but gum grafting can be a treatment option for gum recession. Gum grafting involves removing areas of tissue from the roof of the mouth and surgically placing it on the area of exposed teeth. Other options avoid using tissue from the roof of the mouth and can reduce post-op discomfort in the oral cavity. As an effective way of treating gum recession, gum grafts can reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities and help decrease tooth sensitivity. The treatment process takes approximately two weeks. 

Our gum graft procedures are performed by our periodontist, Dr. Isaac Kim. Dr. Kim provides in-house surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth removal and periodontal scaling, once every two weeks. Depending on your treatment need and the severity of your gum disease, Dr. Kim can perform gum graft treatment through the following steps: 

      • Local Anesthesia: Dr. Kim will provide local anesthesia to the surgical site to prepare the area for the surgery. This includes the recessed gums and the roof of the mouth for gum graft removal.

      • Site Preparation: Dr. Kim will make an incision (cut) and creates a small flap in your gums to (expose and )thoroughly clean teeth roots (root surfaces), similar to scaling and root planing treatment.

      • Gum Graft Harvest: Once the site is prepared, Dr. Kim will make an incision on the roof of your mouth to remove a small wedge of tissue, then close the site using sutures or periodontal dressing. 

      • Gum Graft Placement: Once harvested, the tissue will be placed on the exposed tooth roots or area of recession.

      • Sutures and Follow-Up: Lastly, Dr. Kim will reposition the gum tissues, stitch the graft in place, schedule a follow-up visit for stitches removal, and provide post-operation instructions for recovery. 

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