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patient visit at dental clinics office

Gum Grafting

Depending on your treatment needs and gum disease severity, our dentists may recommend gum grafting to repair signs of gum recession and help give you

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man is looking at mirror and enjoying reflectiong of his smile after dental procedures


When tooth decay develops, our dentists at Quincy Dental Specialists Group can provide dental fillings to blend seamlessly with your smile and restore oral health

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Wooden jaw model with white teeth


While our focus at Quincy Dental Specialists Group is on conservative care, we can perform tooth extractions for decaying, severely damaged, and wisdom teeth. In

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Dental prosthesis, artificial tooth, prosthetic, hands working on the denture


Here at Quincy Dental Specialists Group, we are proud to offer natural-looking dentures in Quincy, MA, Milton, Weymouth, Braintree, and the surrounding areas. As an

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Young woman having toothache

Dental Emergencies

We are your source for attentive, caring, and compassionate dental care at Quincy Dental Specialists Group, Dr. Kevin Dong. For those who require dental emergency

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Tooth and dental implant isolated on green background.


If you’re missing teeth, our dental implants at Quincy Dental Specialist Group can offer outstanding results to your smile. Your Solution For Missing Teeth: The

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